We are clean and fuel efficient with Euro 6!

The changeover to the emission standard 6 is finished. And we can proudly announce that our vehicles meet the standard and are within the predetermined limit range of emissions and greenhouse gases.
This is also an advantage for you, because we thus also fuel efficient driving thanks to innovative technology.
Conclusion: Euro 6 not only environmentally friendly, but also more economical.

Seasonal services

Manure is a valuable fertilizer and at times highly inflated prices for mineral fertilizers make the manure more valuable. To distribute fertilizer precisely the use of suitable equipment is useful to note the proper quantity measurement. But also an even distribution and a low-loss output is important and must be observed.

We can provide the following advantages:

  • Exact dosing quantity
  • Exact distribution
  • Losses arms
  • Spreaders Soil-friendly application

We come to you and do it for you:

  • Transport and transportation, even over long distances and implementation
  • Planning and dosage of manure
  • Full working set is provided by us Spacious,
  • Flexible and fast implementation
    Call us quickly, we will do it for you!

So is works with the Business community
Agro todayare counselors out of plant communities

The establishment of a joint business brings with it many advantages.
In particular, for part-time farmers, cooperation with other
Establishments, work and be cost relief.

The cost of new agricultural machinery are getting higher. The work is not often
fewer. When new tasks to come, as a sideline, the workload
on the operation soon become too much HERE


In the logistics sector is often referred tracking and tracing. But what do we mean by this? Tracking and tracing ( short track and trace ), stands for the internal and external operating Tracking packages and different load units. Tracking is usually referred to as tracking the source to the sink. Tracing the other hand as the traceability of end users through to point of the progenitor. Over the years, it is becoming increasingly more popular in the field of CEP services. In the logistics and postal company, this is already seen as the default application. This transparency should  be ensured within different levels of the supply. The aim of this application is to retrieve any time exact location of the consignment. As bases used this information to optimize processes or to reduce unused capacity . So the precise planning of goods receipts can go smoothly.

We are looking for opportunity, DRIVERS m / w for the domestic and international long-distance weekly , with weekends at the home. If you have a driver’s license class CE , high level of commitment , resilience and flexibility , we are delighted to have you on our team.


What actually is logistics? The story began with the settled life of the people. Even earlier had to be solved transportation problems between nations and tribes among themselves. This later developed into the logistics, which served as the organization of supplies in military affairs. In mid-20th century, the design of the in-plant material influence has become the essential task of logistics.

Today in the modern logistics with the customer inquiry in the first place. It is all about various issues such as: what products we can check as an end user, in what place and at what time, in what quantity and quality and at what price? Industrial and commercial enterprises plan with this information production and procurement. Produces and shopped world around the globe. Many suppliers are involved in the provision of services. The main objective of logistics is to plan so information flows and coordinate all in-house and cross-company goods on the agreed delivery appear from the merchants and are ready to be transported away.

… a merry Christmas !



This year we have dispensed with presents for our clients and participated in a donation to the children’s ward of the AKH Celle. The donation will be used for the hospital clown . We are delighted that the children get conjured up by the clown in difficult times.

AKH Image

AKH Image

We Buhr the group are delighted that our trainee Maximilian Reinfeld makes an apprenticeship as forwarding agent with us.
We wish you much success and fun with us.