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The focus on the essence of logistics is our goal.


For the safe interim storage of your trolley, we also offer a 1000m² warehouse right on the B3 since newest.



If you want to know where your cargo is, just ask the current shipping status from by entering your tracking number. Transparency around the clock!


The Pulse Generator

Walter Buhr (dad)

Sebastian Fromme

Susanne Schulz




We are clean and fuel efficient with Euro 6!

We are clean and fuel efficient with Euro 6! The changeover to the emission standard 6 is finished. And we can proudly announce that our vehicles meet the standard and are within the predetermined limit range of emissions and greenhouse gases. This is also an advantage for you, because we thus also fuel efficient driving …

Seasonal services

Seasonal services Manure is a valuable fertilizer and at times highly inflated prices for mineral fertilizers make the manure more valuable. To distribute fertilizer precisely the use of suitable equipment is useful to note the proper quantity measurement. But also an even distribution and a low-loss output is important and must be observed. We can …

So is works with the Business community

So is works with the Business community “Agro today” are counselors out of plant communities The establishment of a joint business brings with it many advantages. In particular, for part-time farmers, cooperation with other Establishments, work and be cost relief. The cost of new agricultural machinery are getting higher. The work is not often fewer. …